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Camshaft Chain

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I just bought a 2001 R6 two weeks ago its got 22000 miles on it and I was woundering if it would be a good idea to replace the camshaft chain (timing chain) are is there a way to tighten it

Thanks Mark
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Umm...I personally dont know man. You could try the How-To forum and see if you can get some help there. Good luck dood
I doubt a sportbike motor will last long enough to worry about a timing chain. The tensioner will pick up the slack. If they had a timing belt, they could be a concern, but they don't. I have no idea if the r6 has an interference motor, I want to say it does. With that said, I would probably only replace it if you ever do an overhaul on it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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