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Can finally post pics on here!!!!

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Well, if some of you remember when i first joined, it was the day i came off my bike, here's some pics of it then!

Picking it up from garage with my New Gold Titax short levers on...

The bend that ended in disaster...

My lovely short Titax lever still broke

Got rid of those OE Dunlops cos i just felt jinxed.... The whole swingarm got replaced...

Fixed again, and just about to head out,, Blue is my colour after all.

Those bridgestone's are the shitzzz, next those rear pegs will be coming off..

Look closer... and you'll see im still waiting for my clutch lever to come!! put my standard one back on.

This is how big i look on my bike, 6'4" and growing......wider!! :nocontrol

My baby at a local bike meet in Sherburn in Elmet, West Yorkshire, The quality of our biker chicks says it all:sing

A quick pic of a guy who rolled up right behind me at Sherburn, What a Bike!!
1098R, thats £23,000 just sat there in standard trim!!

Right, i think il stop now, thanks again guys for showing how to post pics. a MASSIVE RESPECT!!!:bowroll

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hey nice pics there mate, shame bout the biker chic :dunce:

you bike is looking very nice too, i love the new blue with the white and gold wheels.. very nice
How much were the new fairings, cases etc. And was it a slow off.
How much were the new fairings, cases etc. And was it a slow off.
Haven't had the invoice from the dealers yet, so i can't quote each seperate item, but i do know the swingarm cost almost £1000 on its own!!!
waiting for the insurance to pay the final bill!!!
nice bike.. almost went for an o8 in blue myself..
Looks like you are getting her fixed up. Nice bike.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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