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Cant get the coil pack out!!!

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I checked the temp. of the headers and one of them is cold while the others are running hot. The bikes not running properly and its not sounding properly. The engine light hasn't come on. But I decided to maybe check the coil pack. Got the air box off. I goto pull the coil pack out and it wont come out. It spins but doesnt pull out. Does any1 know how I can take it off? or what other problem it could be??

Thank you

04 R6
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I'm afraid of breaking it. I tried to pull it out pretty hard. So you think if i try harder it might not break? maybe its just stuck because no ones ever pulled it out before. it has about 15,000 km's
They just might be stuck tight. If it spins around it sound like its just stuck on the top of the spark plug.
They are a true PITA to get out and you need to use more force than you think. Just wiggle it a little bit and take your time. Don't use anything to pry on it because that will probably break it, but just grabbing it with your fingers you won't do any damage to it.
thanx guys i'm gonna try that 2morrow wont give up till i get it out!
Your 04 is NOT the first one that I have heard of having this problem. Mine did it, along with one of my buddies as well.
To get them out you must turn them so that you can get the best grip on it as possible, and just pull DIRECTLY UP. They WILL come out it you pull hard enough. If this is the first time you've taken them off, it will be a real bytch. Don't be afraid to YANK on them. I agree with again though... DO NOT pry them with anything.
More than likely you will need to just buy new coils. They should cost 30 -38 bucks a peice.
Just curious... which # coil went bad on you ?
yup...just turn and pull. they will come out
38 TO 40 BUCKS?? where do you get the coils from? I'm in toronto i called the dealer he said like around $100. Its the second from the clutch side.
i pulled out the coil packs and checked plugs for spark..they all work...so my cuzin sprayed fuel or something into the motor and i think that did the trick. Hopefully its fixed now.
I'll be doing this tomorrow. Does anyone know if the 06 coils will work on an 05?
there are a bitch to pull out sometimes just give it a good pull
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