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cant remove 2 bolts, any advice/help would be GREAT

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hey guys, i need help removing 2 bolts... any help would be GREAT thank you!

bolt 1: well a lil bit ago i low sided, now my left mid fairing got scratched, but that wasnt the main problem... the upper bolt on the mid fairing that goes into the frame or something the top of the bolt got broken off

so now i have the rest of the bolt in the hole and i have no idea how to get it out.

bolt 2: im installing frame sliders, my ride side engine mount bolt came off rather easy, but left wont come off, how do i get it off?

thanks in advance guys!
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bolt 1: drill and e-z out.

bolt 2: go buy the proper size allen socket w/ a 1/2 in drive. Then get a large 1/2 drive socket wrench/breaker bar.
i dont get either 1???
You need to drill and tap the bolt out. There are tap kits out there to help you with this. E-Z out is one of them. You might want to check with a shop.
The best way to E-Z out a bolt is to buy a left-handed drill bit and use that to drill out the center of the broken bolt. Sometimes you get lucky and the bolt comes out during the drilling process. If you don't get lucky, you still have a hole to use the e-z out.

If you don't know what an E-Z out is, you should proly find someone that does and let him do it.

For the second bolt, make sure you have the right size allen head. Use a bar or long box-end wrench to get leverage. Be careful to keep the allen wrench straight so you don't strip the head of the bolt. If it won't budge or you strip it, you may have to e-z out that one, too.

Again, if you don't know what you are doing, find someone who does.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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