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Hey everyone, I've been browsing this forum for quite some time now, but this happens to be my first post. My friend and I are starting to make carbon fiber heel guards and I wanted to see if I have any interest from member here. We have yet to figure out how much we are going to ask for them. As of right now, we could make a variety of heel guards. Plain old 2x2 twill weave carbon, 1x1 carbon, blue black carbon kevlar combination, red black carbon kevlar combination. As of right now that is the selection of colors we have, but could get pretty much any color. ( orange, yellow, Just ask) I am just throwing this out in the open to see if I have enough people interested to start making a lot of sets. If interested please post and let me know. I do not have pics as of the moment but as soon as we get a set done, I promise to get you guys pictures.
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