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I have been searching all over, high and low, for a seat cowl for my bike, but it's rare to find one that matches my paint. Like.. really rare. So I thought to myself.. I bet carbon fiber would look nice, so I began the search. And you can't have a proper search without eBay, am I right?

So, anyway, I found a seller that is located in the United States, and the pictures look like quality work. But the price makes me worry. Anyone have any thoughts about this or any experience with this seller? Or know of anywhere that is 100% legit and will fit well?

Nuracing Carbon Fiber Parts

Appears to have very good feedback, and in the reviews there was actually one from a fellow R6 owner, but we all know how the review system on eBay works. So I don't know how far to trust it. If they do have quality materials, it seems like a good way for some of us to get our greedy little fingers on some sexy carbon fiber accessories.
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