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I have a 2000 R6 and I clean the carbs on it took off all the little TPS sensor and other things so I can do a good cleaning I put cars back together now when it started the idle revs up till about 4,000 RPMs and just sits there for a little bit and then it decreases and dies out I can start it back up but it'll go back up to the 4,000 RPMs and then come down and shut off won't idle and when I I'm riding when I come to a stop the bike shuts off so I I looked on the forearm and someone said something about the TPS sensor and also the valves might need to be adjusted. So I end up getting a different GPS sensor of another carb and still does the same thing so I ended up swapping my Motors and and I put my same carbs on the new motor thinking that it should work but no still have same symptoms with this motor so I'm leaning towards it has to be the carbs can anybody help me cuz I'm tired of coming to a stop sign and dying and I have to start the bike back up.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts