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Hey guys whats up. Has anyone else heard or done this trick. I dont know if many of you know, but yamaha has quite sophisticated dashs in alot of their product. There is a special way on our bikes, that we are able to change to carbon monoxide settings on our bikes. Basically its a way to richen or lean the bike out, although the whole map itself, not able to do it individually like you could a power commander.

This could possibly be a cheap alternative for mechanically skilled people of course here seeing it has to do with grouding out a pin on the ECU, in which you are able to bypass the circuit and are able to get into the C0 setting through the dash.

I went to school at MMI and my yamaha teacher was telling me about this and i have to find the paper he gave me with all the different able models and the PINS to ground out. I think it would be an alternative to a PC with getting a pipe, midpipe, airfilter, etc.

I remember doing it in class on an R1 we had.

JUST FOUND the paper. Hmm 06-07 R6:

Remove and ground the Light Green (Lg) wire at #29 pin large connector. Un-plug 02 sensor to adjust and then reconnect. Will only lean or richen acceleration

Some of the things the factory didnt want you to know:toocool:

Although i do:fact

Opinions, anyone try?
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