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R6 brothers and sisters, please forgive me if I have posted this to the wrong section. My name is Greg and I ride an R6 which I bought new in 2003. Since that time (2004 actually) I have been living with a malignant brain tumor. I spent the better portion of my treatment time researching my situation and getting involved with various cancer institutions throughout the country. One of my favorites (and the one I am truly passionate about) is the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation located in Asheville, NC.

Though not yet cleared by medical staff to ride my bike in 2006, I took a chance and rode the 90 miles to Knoxville TN to participate in the PBTF's main fundraising function-the 'Ride For Kids' program/event. That day breathed new life into this tired old body. Not only was my bike a tool to be used for fun, but one I could also use to help those in need. I now had a cause for what is left in this life: help those who need support, money and information, the stuff so important to those families afflicted with this terrible disease, yet don't know who to turn to in a crisis such as a brain tumor diagnosis for their child. Thanks to that ride that day and the folks of the PBTF, as well as the motorcyclists who showed up and raised 58,000 + by riding their motorcycles for a cause, I determined this was what I was meant to do. I have ridden in two more events since that time, Knoxville 2007 and Asheville, also in 2007. My first fund raising attempt for the Knoxville ride netted $1,605 through contributions mostly from friends & family as well as a yard sale.

This Saturday, June 21st marks my third Knoxville ride and I am looking to this community for the first time to help contribute to my efforts and a great cause. Donations can be made at the following link to my personal fundraising page.




I'm looking to top my total from 2007 so I have posted this information to 3 bulletin boards/forums that I frequent on a regular basis and am offering a 2008 Ride For Kids hat and Knoxville TN commemorative T-shirt from me, to the largest contributor from any of the 3 BB's.

Thank you for reading. Please, if you have time, click on the other links above to see if there is a RFK ride in a city near you. You won't be sorry you participated and you will be amazed at the courage and strength of the young survivors who attend these events!

Greg Galliher
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