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do any of you use this?
what is your likes & dislikes?
witch one do you recommend? :popcorn:

looking into getting one
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a couple of us are going to be picking these up for our daily group rides.. im going to go with the blue tooth capable one so i can use my phone and ipod wireless.
you will find the phone is damn near useless. you can only hear it (and more importantly, be heard) if you are at a stop light. the ipod adapter is the coolest part of the whole setup. but get used to not hearing anything or being able to be heard at any speed above 80. and i def recommend using the ptt button supplied. the voice activated was ingaged by my exhaust, and coughing...and sneezing...and wind...etc.
you guys getting a deal on them if you buy in multiple? :jump
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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