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Hello Everyone,

Just bought an 07 R6 Red last week, don't have it yet, but I am so excited I thought I would share regardless!:werd Bike should be ready by Sunday and delivered sometime next week. I'm a new rider, so obviously am taking the Gearing Up course next week, should have been done 3 weeks ago but the dam snow we got hit with delayed it:BS. For those south of the border, you will probably laugh at the price I paid, but for Canada it is quite good, 10K OTD, when MSRP is 12,499 here. Used 06/07s are between 8-9500 around here, and since I have been saving for this for 2 years I said what the hell, you only live once.

Oh, and for any locals that are familiar with Blackfoot, is 15% off gear a fair deal?

I can't remember the exact name, but I got the top of the line HJC helmet with the red tribal, along with an Alpinestars Halo Jacket. I was going to go with a Shoie or Arai helment, per what I have read trolling around here, but none of them quite fit as well as the HJC.

Anyway.. I will stop rambling, I will have pics as soon as my baby arrives in the garage:yes
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