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I whore my R6
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So, I guess it's finally appropriate to start this thread.

About 2 years ago, I got into some (speeding) trouble on my bike (Side note: lesson learned). Unfortunately, it resulted in a large points violation on my license so I decided to take a break from riding for a while to rebuild my bike.

Anyway, here she is "before":

I ordered a set of pearl white plastics from Auctmarts, as well as a ton of other goodies including Agg HIDs, Smog Blockoffs, Halos from a forum member, and a few other things.

I had already upgraded to HH front pads and 520 chain/ sprockets just a few weeks before my ticket, so those are (kinda) part of the upgrades.

After a year of having my plastics, I finally got the rest of my parts together and had my tank painted to match so with warm weather here, I am determined to get back in the saddle this season. I went home this weekend to start working on her. My pics arent super detailed, but should give you a good idea.

Tearing her down:

Once she was apart, the first thing I decided to tackle was the wheels. My back rim has a tiny bend so it will have to be replaced when I have the funds because I want to eventually powder coat. But until then, I am using plasti-dip to decide between a few color combos. I am considering yellow, blue, or orange but I wanted them to be "loud" so I chose plasti-dip's "Blaze" line. First color I am trying is the Yellow. This is after a base coatof white and 2 very light coats of the yellow. This pic does them no justice, I literaly had to wear sunglasses while painting.

While the plasti-dip dried, I went back down to the shop to do a few odds and ends. First up was replacing my rear pads. As I said, I upgraded to HH front pads only about 200 miles ago, so this was kind of just to finish up that upgrade. It seems that either my caliper, or wheel were crooked somehow. I'll be sure to pay attention to this on re-assembly. Side note: the little cap that goes over the slide pin is a pain to get started.

Once that was finished up, I decide that the power-robbing, exhaust pop-inducing smog pump/ system. Unfortunately, I pulled my back and was in a hurry to get this done so I don't have pics of my shiny new Agg racing blockoffs, but they are there. :)

Well, I decided that if I'm gonna get rid of that dirty smog-filled air going into my intake, I should also get her to flow a little better. Best way to do this: BMC race filter.

Unfortunately, I just ran out of time for the day so I'm gonna have to hold off on the rest for next weekend. Still to install I have Galfer smokes stainless lines (and of course new fluid), Renthal Grips, Hotbodies clear flush mounts, Agg Racing 6000k HIDs, Halos I bought from another forum member, Skur CF Triple Tree cover, Driven fuel cap, and of course Pearl White Auctmarts fairings.

Still on my "to buy" list are: Levers, rearsets, GYTR shorty to replace my Yosh Rs3, and a PC3/Tune.

Down the line I eventually want to do CF dash panels and chain guard.

I am so excited to get my baby back on the road. Stay tuned for more updates next weekend.

I whore my R6
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Doesn't seem to be a ton of interest, but I do have an update. Last weekend I met some milestones on her.......

Started by installing the Halos. Kinda awkward when your mother walks into the kitchen right as you are pulling your headlight out of her oven...

Used what I had to hold the halos down while I shrink wrapped/ routed the wires (the icehouse is my dad's. he drinks it after he has a few good beers to dull the taste, or lack thereof)

This is kind of a milestone for me. Two of the main reasons for the build werea cracked tail section and I wanted cooler headlights. So seeing the Halo's work was a welcomed sight.

Up next was the Galfer smoked braided stainless lines. Only got a pic of the rear, but both ends are done.

Finally, at long last, I was able to re-mount my wheels (after disassembling the rear brakes again to fix the slide pins that were seized) and get started mounting my new bodywork.

Everyone tried to tell me the blaze yellow wouldn't look good on the rims. I enthusiastically disagree...

The tail section was kind of a pain getting all the holes to line up, and I had to re-do my plate bracket to work with the new undertail which only has two bolt holes instead of 4 for the factory rear-fender thingy.

That's pretty much it for progress at this point. Heading back again this weekend to (hopefully) mount the rest of the plastics and get the rest of the loose end tied up.

I need to figure out how I want to run the wires for my HIDs. I guess just a hole in the caps that allow access to the bulbs? Not sure if I will be able to find a grommet the right size to make it look right though. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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