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My R6 is hungry
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I have (1) BRAND NEW ColorRite 0582 Yamaha Matte Black Metallic #2 (MBL2) for sale. It also goes by SKU# 5988-1. It is used on many, many different Yamaha models. This product requires NO CLEARCOAT. The one I am selling was bought as a back up only. (I still have the majority of the first aerosol I bought, the color match is EXCELLENT and it provided way more coverage than I expected.)

See this link to the ColorRite website for more info.....


It is the 11fl oz Aerosol with high tech spray nozzle. Bought direct from ColorRite I paid $55 which included all shipping costs to California. This has never been used, still in their original shipping box. I will sell and ship to any destination in the lower 48 for TOTAL $35. Cheers, Andy
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