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Congrats My94GT for winning August's ROTM! Make sure to contact BullsEyeVinyl for your stickers. :cheers

this thread needs another R6

year- 2009

model- R6

Engine Performance Mods- gutted stock header, M4 mid pipe, Leo Vince Ti evo 2 slip on, removed snorkel from stock air filter
, AGG Racing smogg block off plates, Bazzaz Zfi w/AFM

Chassis/Controls Mods- Armor bodies race plastics, painted by my painter in house, woodcraft clip ons, renthal grips, woodcraft rear sets, ohlins ttx rear shock, ohlins steering damper, stahlbus oil drain valve, stahlbus speed bleeders, ferodo XRACs, Fren Tubo type 3s, Shermoto levers, Brembo RCS master cyl.

Accessories- AGG racing rear brake fluid res, ignition delete, puig windscreen

in action-

well my bike is apart for repair and re paint so this will just have to do for my last pic-

ill save myself room for one more pic this weekend once i finish the install of the rcs, and rear shock.

the story behind my bike-

i bought my first bike every last spring (same 09 orange r6) and it was stolen. i waited till the fall and picked up the current one, and looked to hit the track. i broke my foot and that killed my dreams of the track for last year. this season i was determined to go to the track. having little experience riding in general (about 2k miles under my belt) i went out and started to learn the ropes.

with much help and advice both on and off the track from a bunch of the guys like Chief, 3rd-geer, burg, WildBill, Carlos ect. ive been picking it up at a pretty quick pace. sadly i did low side my fresh paint but its just given me more to learn from and the bike some new street credit :lmao i look forward to hitting the track again soon and to keep working my way up the ranks and hopefully racing in the near future :YEA

i have to give a huge thanks to Chief aka Bauce Racing as due to his advice and guidance, this build has really come together so well. :cheers

Dangerously Irish
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Congrats Eric!

We locked down two months in a row! Now get Walt in here so we can take a third this month! :fact

Congrats man! Great looking bike!
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