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Congrats rjbrittain11, for winning June's ROTM!

I want to enter the June ROTM!

Year: 2009
Model: R6
Engine Performance Mods:
- Leo Vince Full Ti Exhaust
- 2012 engine with an SS Build by Catalyst Reaction - 122hp
- Modified Slipper Clutch
- Bazzaz system with QS and dual map switch.
- Woodcraft Case Covers
- ECU Flashed
- AGG Racing Block-Off Plates

Chassis/Controls Mods (i.e. suspension, brakes, clip-ons, etc.):
- Motion Pro Quick Throttle
- K-Tech 25mm front cartridges
- K-Tech DDS Lite rear shock
- Spiegler Steel Braided lines
- Vesrah RJL-XX brake pads
- EBC front rotors
- Woodcraft Rear Sets
- DID RV3 520 Chain
- 14/43 Vortex sprockets
- Zero Gravity Corsa Windscreen
- Armour Bodies Bodywork painted Neon Red and Yamaha Blue by MotoGloss Paint.
- Keyless Ignition

- Tank Sliders
- GPR V4
- CRG Levers
- Woodcraft frame sliders
- Woodcraft axle sliders (rear)

I believe I should be Ride of the Month, not because my bike is better, but because this bike has been through so much. From a street bike that I converted over to a track bike, then crashed, then fixed, then turned into a track/race bike that participates in the AFM race series in Northern California. This bike has given me so much opportunity to improve my riding, my lap times, my confidence in myself as a person...it really has changed my life and opened new doors for me. My life wouldn't be where it is today if i still have my CBR track bike.

I currently participate in the AFM series as a Novice, hoping to win a Championship and move up to Expert in the near future and race against the big boys!

I got this bike from my current Teammate. He was selling it as a street bike so I traded him 1 year of any paint he needed for his two race bikes, and 1 year of Crew Chief services at the track (this was before I was racing myself). Well the one year (2012) of me running his team was such a huge success with a Formula 1 Championship along with a #9 plate, that I continued on for a 2nd year in 2013. This year I am racing and am not his Crew Chief but his Teammate.

If I win ROTM, it won't just be for me, it will be for my Teammate Berto as well, as he has helped me so much to get to where I am today.

You can check out my Bike Build here: http://www.r6-forum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=159675

Thank you,
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