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Ok so whenever I pin the throttle back on my r6 pretty hard, I can feel a little coolant spitting up onto my right hand (I don't have a right side dash panel). I replaced the radiator cap a while back, but should I get this new one tested?

Also, if I let the bike idle for too long and it gets hot, it will dump a LOT of coolant out of the reservoir (almost like it's taking a looong piss). and i can hear the coolant bubbling and and hissing inside the reservoir. it used to get really hot (210-220 when riding down the interstate), but i took it all apart and tested the thermostat and it opened up at about 175, so i just put it all back together without changing out anything. now it stays at about 175-180 interstate (no idea what fixed that), so it doesn't seem to be overheating.

it just seems like it hates coolant, spitting it out from wherever it can. any suggestions for either problem? thanks!

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Lol - your bike is a coolant hater.

You might have a blockage in the rad or water circulation system somewhere, may be causing a little more pressure than the cap can cope with, or the cap is not retaining enough pressure on it own which may be the cause of the random peeing when stopped.

Be warned: my recommendation is gonna cost you some $$$ but it's the best I can think of right now, I hope someone else thinks of something less frivolous.

First, get another cap.
I know you just put new coolant in, but I think the best way to identify whats up is to drain it, get as much out as possible without pouring anything else in, empty the reservoir into the same container and measure how much your got. Determine how much is missing. Big amount, little amount type of determination.

Now plug up the water pump and tighten your hoses. Get a bottle of rad flush stuff and some distilled water. Pour in the distilled water first (measure how much you get in to the rad + the 44cl in the reservoir and see how much your short of the actual capacity. (a lot, a little??) now add the flush agent (even if you were only short a little), put a container under your overflow hose and run the bike until the fan comes on, (rev it a bit if you need to do that to get the temp up).

Leave her to cool and then empty. Question, did any spill out of the overflow? If so how much? Drain her; does the water run relatively clear or are their chunks in there or a lot more opaque than it should be (indicating some of the previous fluid was indeed stuck somewhere).

I hope this helps to get you in the right direction to figure out whats wrong. I don't have any idea, I'm just postulating, but that's how I would go about diagnosing the issue if it were my bike.

Good luck.
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