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Enhanced protection for the road in a set of good looking jeans is exactly what The Primary riding jeans from Cortech deliver for the every-rider. There’s been more than one attempt at creating jeans that fit comfortably and offer excellent protection, but the end result typically yielded one or the other, usually the latter. The people at Cortech considered the comfort problem seriously, as the protection angle is well understood when using Cordura nylon and Kevlar fabrics such as those found in these jeans.

After rigorous testing, they arrived at The Primary Riding Jeans. These jeans have a feel that’s pretty close to how they look; comfortable. A single layer of jean material is abetted on the inside by a Cordura Nylon and Kevlar blend fabric. Kevlar, as you know – is often used in bulletproof vests, which isn’t exactly a stretch in terms of the durability required to survive a fall at speed out on the road. In fact, it’s about 500% more durable than standard cotton.

But what good is that abrasion resistance if the whole plot were to fall to pieces? Not to worry, high-impact seams are triple-stitched. This, in addition to the added non-traditional stitching you’ll find inside the jeans which are specifically aimed at road-going riders. And if you wish, for a few extra dollars – you can add a set of knee and hip armor inserts to your order to absorb the forces of an unfortunate impact. Ready-made slots are sewn into the mesh inner lining and ready to accommodate those armor pieces should you choose to add them to your order.

Which brings us to the inside of these comfortable motorcycle jeans. The entire section that rests against the front of your legs is covered in a mesh liner. This keeps the fabric material off your skin, whether or not you’ve chosen to use the knee and hip armor inserts. In doing so, you’re able to move about the bike easily when hustling through fast sections or be sat at ease without any pulling when you’re out for dinner. And unless someone’s looking closely, really closely – it’s almost impossible to tell that these jeans are hiding a high-abrasion secret. That is unless, you leave the Scotchlite reflective tabs that are at the back of each hem folded out for added visibility.

Comfort for the road, with added protection; it’s all in a classic Western-style six-pocket set The Primary jeans from Cortech.

For expert sizing guidance, fast shipping and superior service, call TJ on 866.931.6644 ext 817, send an email to [email protected] or PM us here and we’ll get you sorted out in no time.


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