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I've been searching resolutions to no starts and it seems all the threads end with out definitive answers to weather they gave up, got it running or got a bigger hammer???

Here is my deal and what I've tried to get it going, now I'm asking for a little help please.

I bought this bike (05 R6) as a project / race bike.
The bike was crashed, tank dented, no clipons, front cowl, fairing stay, gauge cluster, front wiring harness for gauge and headlights gone, no battery.

Now I've replaced quite a bit, enough to get it running but it just cranks and doesn't fire up.

I've narrowed it down to the injectors not getting a signal but haven't figured out what sensor is causing the problem??

the bike still has no front harness or gauge but I'm sure that's not the issue because I have another 05 R6 as my street bike that I have been swapping good working parts from and have started and ran it without it being on the bike.

I thought it might have been the key / immobilizer which it may still be as I'm not sure what it kills coils or injector pulse?

Its not the fuel pump, I took it from my good running street bike.

Its not the tip over sensor, that kills the fuel pump and I can hear it pumping when the sensor is plugged in and not pumping when unplugged plus I swapped it with the good one from my street bike.

I've swapped out throttle body / injector / harness assembly with one from my street bike.

I've swapped the TPS with the one from my street bike.

I've swapped the MAP with the one from my street bike.

I checked for codes by plugging the harness and gauge into it from my street bike and no codes, still didn't start.

the bike fires when I give a little quick start (ether) down the throttle bodies. so that alone eliminates allot of the fail safes on the bike, IE: kick stand sensor, clutch sensor (N/A), plugs, coils, Ignition timing, Battery, fuses.

I'm glad I have the same bike that runs good to be able to swap out parts & sensors back and forth or it would be costing me allot more than just time :)

I would swap out the ECU but the key is coded to the computer and I haven't a clue on how to bypass the immobilizer so I don't want to go where no man has gone before. Hehehe ;)

can anyone think of something else I can try ??????

Any HELP! would be greatly appreciated........

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So I went back out to the garage to think about what I could try next & after looking at both bikes side by side I decided to try swapping out the ECU and figured I could hold my street bike key next to the ignition to trick the immobilizer in thinking the right key was starting the bike.

I was removing the battery and after taking the battery out I saw a ground connector just of the main ground to the negative post of the battery terminal and noticed it wasn't plugged in all the way?
I thought no way that's the problem but I pushed the connection together till it clicked, put the battery back in and cranked it over.

You won't believe what happened next?


FIRED right up...... :D Almost sounds as nice as my street bike.

now that the starting issue is solved I can start rounding up the rest of the parts to get it track ready.

WooT WooT
Happy, Happy, Joy
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