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Custom LED Insert for LP FlushMount III's

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These Custom LED inserts from (www.customled.com are an LED piece intended to replace the stock bulb within Lockhart Phillips FlushMount III turn indicators. The come with a running light and blinker all on the same board. I chose the white running light with the amber turn indicator. There are other running lights to choose from but only amber turn indicators. Installation if the inserts was pretty straight forward once I got past the fear of doing permanent damage to the mounting plate. You'll need a pair of pliers, 7/32 drill bit, phillips screw driver, but in their instructions, they tell you that you need either a 12V test light or volt meter or a wiring diagram for hookup to the stock wiring. No need for those things as I figured it out pretty easily and will tell you the results shortly.

First you want to unscrew the cover from the mounting plate.

Remove the bulb. Grip the bulb socket with your pliers and rock the socket side to side along it's length until the weld underneath it breaks from the small U shaped mounting plate. It's seems like you might do alot of damage but just do it little by little and it'll eventually break loose. Then you can pull out the socket and wiring. Drill your 7/32 hole in the center of the U shaped mounting plate. Screw the mounting screw into the insert circuit board until there is enough showing thru the other side to hold the spacer on. I then ran the wires underneath the U shpaed mounting bracket and then out the original wire hole. Then screw the insert onto the mounting bracket. Do not over tighten and hold the insert with one hand as it will spin if you don't. Tighten it so it doesn't turn or vibrate when mounted. Any tighter and you will crack the circuit board. Re-install the cover. When you remove the stock indicators, wire the parts as follows (for an '03. don't know if pre'03's are the same or not). Red insert wire to the blue stock indicator wire. White insert wire to green stock indicator wire. Black wire to black wire. the blue/red combo controls your running light. The green/white combo is your blinkers. the two blacks are you're ground wires. I cut the wiring harness from the stock pieces off and re-inserted them back into the clip with some of the ends stripped to wire in the new piece as there wasn't enough slack to do it the other way. Once I get mounting instructions for the light to the fairings (for some reason they weren't included), I will detail that out for you as well.

Image gallery where I uploaded the pics shit the bed so I'll edit in the pics when it gets fixed.
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