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Hey All, :hammer
I was able to talk to this guy named Jeremy from Ebay. You guys probably seen the parts he sells on Ebay. Like custom painted tire huggers, brake caps, inner fairings & ram covers. Well i saw that he makes the red flamed tire huggers. I emailed him and made a suggestion if he can customize an icy blue flame on the huggers as well, for us that have the blue R6's and he said he would do it!
Here is the link for the red flame tire hugger:

Judging from the pictures, the finish of the paint are quite good, really good finish and quality.
And maybe i can also talk him into doing these custom flame designs for the 02 and later R6s.

And also i can probably talk him into doing a group bus as well? So maybe get these cheaper. It seems he sells all these for $49.99.

Thought you guys might be interested

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