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Ok, so today i got my package. A smoked integrated light, fender eliminator and flush mounts.


smoked integrated - nice, it came with the resistors, good product

fender eliminator - crap, plastic one, the "r6" logo was very cheap looking. put it away and mount the license plate under the seat.

now, the problem, flush mounts. decent looking but when i test them ( remove the old signal ) blank. they dont blink. i dont know, do i have to split the wires ? i didn't mount the resistor to the integrated tail. now it's blinking very fast, both tail both stock signals.

sorry for the english but i'm not from usa.

Thank u...

1st off, the resistors that they give you serve a purpose for your entire signaling system, without hooking them up, it will cause your integrated tail to blink fast which in return causes you fronts to blink fast as well (why?, because they are on a curcuit, if you mess with one, you mess with the other). If you want your lights to blink slow, install the resistors.

2nd- Aftermarket LED taillights and front flushmounts (or any aftermarket signal lights for that matter) are A LOT different in the way they work from the stockers. If you notice, your stock turn signals serve as runnning lights as well. You cant do that with these aftermarket turn signals, they'll never last.

3rd - Now on to solve that problem; Both your front turn signals and your rear turn signals have a constant "hot" wire running to them. (which is why the stockers stay on all the time). The aftermarket turn signals and taillight cannot have that hooked up to them or they wont work right. Aftermarket signals generally have 2 wires. A signal and a ground (vary in colors, you just have to do a generic process of elimination on them to figure out which wires are what,... or there is always wiring diagrams that you can find on the internet) Hook them up that way and you'll be set. I can almost guarantee it's because you have the constant "hot" wire hooked up and its causing them to not work.

Let us know how you make out. :toocool:
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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