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Posted this in R6mn:

Finally got the chance to use the suit during this morning's ride. It's way better than the T-1 suit I had in terms of it being breathable. Though it was hot and humid this morning (as it usually is here in Manila), the air that I was getting was abundant to cool my whole body. The leather is supple despite it being a new suit. I am really happy with this purchase. I was wearing a 54 in the T-1 before but lost weight and I am now down to a 50. For those considering the suit, I highly recommend it. I have yet to wear it with a back pro.

The last photo was taken when I was trying on the white one to know my size (Cory from the D-store, who provided excellent service was the one assisting me in that pic). My ma in the background gave it to me as a gift. ;) The white also looks sweet.

+1 to Cory and the rest of the staff at the Costa Mesa D-store for all the help with this suit.


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