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Daytona March 9-12

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I'm in need of some crew members for the Daytona 200. Looking for somewhat mechanically inclined people to take on factory RED. Any interest please e-mail me at [email protected].
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OCboy03R6 said:
do somthing about that avitar yo

that is kinda huge.

i wish i could go. just to check it out.
That would be sweet! Any more info?? What are you looking for? Perks?

I am sure there may be some of us interested in a trip to Daytona :)
man my boy would love to go but he cant he is a mechanic at a yamaha dealership here in texas sorry bro... racing is $$$$$$$$$$$
i'll be ther.....i know how to change a rear tire......refuel using quick-fill......take the bike through inspection......take the wheels off to get new tires put on.......replace brake pads......change oil.....and i can use zipties and ductape like it's noone's business........i have no knowledge about the motor though.....sorry.....if you need someone to do any of those things i'm sure myself and a couple of my buddies could help you out.....and we're really good at sitting around the paddock and drinking our faces off.....i also know some pretty hot little girls you could use as umbrella girls.....

all seriousness aside a list of duties would help out...
Here's a brief description: I need front and rear tire changers, a fuel person, and probably two others to make a pit stop go smoothly. I am looking for people that would probably be going to the races and instead of watching would like to be on the inside of the races. I will be bringing one mechanic with me from San Diego. Not much I can offer in compensation other than a free hot pit pass. I'm just a UPS Driver spending the childrens college fund racing. Oh and umbrella girls are always welcome.
i can take on the umbrella role, if a dood is ok...i gota start working out again though
I don't want to discourage your Umbrella dreams, but a dude umbrella person isn't exactly what I'm looking for s4i.
I would e-mail you but my e-mail is down for a week or so.

I will be starting mechanic school at AMI March 18, and i'd be glad to help. Fuel and tires i could do, all i need is a quick rundown of how it will work (i'm a quick learner), Let me learn the part of the bike i'll be working with(about an hour or less) than i'll be ready.

I also have mechanical experiance with engines.

If you could find a way for it to work, it would be a great experiance for me before i go to school.


Justin (r6-hybridd)

P.S. Just out of wondering, what bike will you be running?
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Justin, I'll be running an 03 R6, with a new motor, unless an 05 R6 lands on my door step in the next two weeks. That's cool that your starting at AMI, that should be a good time. Give me a call at 619-647-1630 and we can discuss details.
What time is best to call. I am in central time.
I'm on the west coast. Anytime this weekend.
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