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Deciding on exhaust.

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I am between a few exhaust and was hoping to get some opinions.I just joined the site by the way and its great.I am really considering the gytr shorty for my 03 r6,however i am also between the m4 and the two bros.I like the look of the shorty,however if the m4 or two bros is going to be just as loud and without the modding to the piping i would probably go with one of those.Any help or sound clips of any of these exhausts would be great.Thanks in advance
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Great question, I am also wanting to change the exhaust on my 04 R6 and have a lot of the same questions. I have been to a couple of Yamaha shops and they say that the shorty won't work. That is my preference, I just need to know what all is involved in getting it to work.
I'd stay away from the shorty systems for this year bike. Leo Vince and Akrapovic make some really nice slip-ons.
thanks for the imput. Just out of my own curiousity, what is the issue with a shorty system on these years?
i'd go with two bros. They seems to sound pretty nice for slip ons.
I like mine. Theres a really good write up here (think you have to be a member to view pics).


Oh and heres mine, this was just an excuse to show off. :)

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to make shorty work, u'd need to do some adjustemnts and/or take it to a welding shop.. anyway might be hussle-prone

the "shorty" exhausts style is called "GP" (with most manufacturers at least)
try looking into the GP models that are build for your bike... in my R6s, I have MIVV GP, there is also Racefit Growler, Graves has GP model as well, perhaps other brands have something too (unfortunately there is not so many avail since our bikes have diff style stock exhuast)

racefit @ $800
both MIVV & Graves ~ $400
thanks for the imput. Just out of my own curiousity, what is the issue with a shorty system on these years?
the other problem (which some say is more of a problem than others) is that it does not create the same amount of back pressure that your bike is designed to have.

i don't know the extent to which this is a problem (some people will say that it does nothing but drop your midrange power and torque and add more tot he top end, and others will say that the difference is great enough to cause engine damage.) you might want to check out is the mivv silencers, and the termignoni for the 06 r6
As far as back preasure goes, there is a "choke" on it, that opperates from the throttle. More work, but worth it.

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So I have een looking around for the GP style, and the Racefit sounds great, and looks pretty good. Does anyone know if there is any legal issues with running it on the street? Does anyone on here have a special place that they prefer to buy stuff like that at? Thanks for your excellent advice.
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