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New to the forums but not to yamaticks. Been riding an 82 XJ750R for the past five years until I got my 08 R6 a few weeks ago. Now onto the problem...

I start the bike, let it idle for a minute to warm up a bit, pull in the clutch, drop it to first, let the clutch out just enough to catch and then blend the clutch and throttle together to accelerate. Once the clutch is fully engaged and I start to give it a little more throttle to accelerate I hear and feel a loud rattling/grinding for about 1.5 seconds as the R's climb. Then it stops and I don't hear it again at all throughout the gears or while I downshift to stop. But once I am completely stopped again and go to accelerate... I hear/feel it again. It happens when I first start the bike and even after hours of riding. Every time I accelerate from a dead stop it rattles.

I searched and read every post I could find and I'm thinking that it might be some kind of low end detonation. One guy on the R1 forums used his Power Commander to adjust his low end air/fuel ratio because it was running lean and it fixed his problem.

From R1 forums:

"youre probly right its detonation, the only thing i could think is that your AIT sensor is reading the air temperature wrong or its out of spec, causing the ecu to run too much timing, either replace sensor or put a PC and remap, pinging will melt a piston and break ring lands and rings......

remap with a PC for less timing at lower rpms to stop the detonation"


Is there a way for me to retard the timing a bit without buying any special tuners and trying accelerating to see if it stops? If that does the trick then I'll know what the problem is and I can have it fixed.

How else can I test my symptoms to see if it is detonation? Its a brand new bike with 1800 miles on it so it's definitely going to the dealer but I want to know whats wrong with it so they don't d**k me around. Any ideas will help.

Added : I use nothing but 93 octane. (Highest available to me)
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