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DIY - CF License Plate Holder

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Ok, so this is my first actual DIY on this site. Lets see how it goes...

1 - Make a mold to base your design off. I used 1/8in foam board and duct tape. I first made a complex design but I found it worked out better with a simple design to start. My mold is seen in the picture below.

2 - I coat the mold with Aluminum foil or plastic wrap so it is reusable. Coat the whole thing with a mold release.

3 - Use chop strand fiberglass (necessary to use chop strand for ridgity) Personally I used 2 layers to give it a little extra thickness for the LED mounting. Cut the material into the shape you need.

4 - Mix Resin

5 - Put one piece of chop strand on the mold. Dab resin all over the material.

6 - Place the second piece of chop strand on and massage the resin from the previous step into the new piece. Add more if necessary.

7 - Place a piece of CF on as the next layer. Repeat the massaging process. Smooth it out and let it cure.

8 - When cured, take off the part from the mold.

9 - Clean the inside of the part that was against the mold. Mix up some more resin.

10 - Place another piece of CF on the inside of the part. Rub resin into the CF.

11 - Smooth it out and let this piece Cure.

12 - Once everything is hardened, trim the edges with a Dremal

13 - Drill the mounting holes for both the plate and where it is mounted to the bike.

At this point you can either mount the plate/ holder to the bike or continue and wire up the LEDs.

14 - Buy your set of LEDs (Hyper LEDs are recomended)

15 - Drill out where you want to mount the LEDs and mount them.

16 - Wire the LEDs into your stock running lights. Mount the plate holder.

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well done man..it looks good...lots of work but worth it in the end.
Its not too bad. Can be done in a couple hours depending on cure time. The extra steps are just there to make it turn out looking purchased. You can probably lose some of the steps but I wanted to be thourough. I havent mounted te LEDs yet so those pics are comming. The plats and holder is lighter and more ridged than the one I used to use with sheetmetal. Plus I can say its CF. I do it with left over materials from the CF exhaust thats being made.
Not bad! looks good and beats the hell of my 2 metal straps i have holding my plate up lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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