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Hola fellow sunzabitchez. :D :D

I have Gen-1 and Gen-2 complete front ends (wheels, brakes, handlebars, the works - twice). I know the triple clamps are different (I believe the Gen-1 has 35mm of total offset and the Gen-2 has 30mm of total offset, correct?), and I know the lower legs have different axle retention designs between the two generations as well as different axle setups.

However I do not know if the two fork systems share any internal componentry. Did Yamaha simply change the sliders' axle retention method on the Gen-2 (the double pinch bolt on each leg system with a completely different axle setup) or did they actually redesign the internals as well?

I suppose I'm wanting to know if I can convert the Gen-1 sticks to Gen-2's (except for the offset differences of the triple clamps of course)? If so, what of the wheels and calipers? Are they interchangeable as well?

I'm considering using one or the other on a project Ducati (street/track-day). :secret

Thank you.
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