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Do these really work??

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HID Lights, 5 bucks?? Has anyone tried it yet? Supposed to just replace your stock bulbs.

Ebay Item #320275757675

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I don't know if you want to go with those. There was a guy in this forum that used PIAA brand and I think it was a 55w bulb, had his light harnes melt. I think the bulbs should be 35w and below for this not to happen. I know HID's are now around $90 and up, maybe save some money for HID's. Instead of melting your harness and maybe costing you more for damage later. Just my thoughts.

Oh by the way, welcome to the forum.
Thanks, any and all advice is appreciated :D Any idea on which one to get?
It sounds really cheap, but what is the warranty and I doubt the quality. I suggest www.cqlights.ca it's where I got mine and they are great. The best thing was the size of the Ballast, 3 inch x 2 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch, which made it very easy to install. Other than that I see a lot of people go to liteeye, who is on the forums.
I bought mine from xenonriders in 2007, and the ballast are large. Now most of my friend bought this ones from ebay. The shipping is the catch, it is 54.?? dollars, but it is around close to $90 total. They are also slim types, and they look great. And they had them since last year Oct. If I have to get another I would get from the ebay site. Mine was around $190 when I first bought them.

Those aren't HID bulbs. Look at your stock bulbs and compare... There's no filament to fire the bulb up which HID's have :)
There ya go bud. Their simply blue bulbs, heh.. I bought those for my truck when I was 18 cuz I thought they would be bad ass and bright... boy was I wrong! Now my new 07 Silverado has HID fogs and headies!


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Buyer beware...
Buyer beware...
:werd Its like those chips that give you 45hp on ebay. Nothing but a waste of money.
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