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Does it fit part 2..?

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I tried some rear-sets off a 2002 R6 for my 03 and there a million miles off fitting so there!

i'll keep posting stuff to see if things fit other models it looks like i'm gonna after try fitting items myself seen as no one helped me.....!

thanks anyway

the dazzler
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Hey dazzler, rearsets off an 03 wont fit on an 02...
FUNNY GUY.......!!!!!!!!!!!
i don't think you are gonna find anything from pre '03 fitting on the '03 and up bikes without a lot of work.
ahhhh but the stuff i use as spares with racing like...

brake/clutch levers
master cylinders
engine casings
brake calipers

........might fit i think clip-ons do for a start and rear discs.....!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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