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Stupid...I have this great day or riding, was fantastic. Then, tonight, me and the woman have some issues, which i can this time say, honestly ALL her fault, and my rage was justified...But thats where i am dumb. Usually when im pissed or upset, i jump in the stang, turn on some tunes, grab the first few gears of rubber, cruise a little, go back, and im calm.......Same theory doesnt work on the 6. Although i can say that ive felt the full potential of the accelleration from 0 to 235kms...i regret it. Luckly i never hurt the bike, just feel dumb for doing it. SO thats fanfuckintastic right, i get home, doggin on myself for doing what i did on the bike, go in the house, no woman...she went to her moms becuase she thought thats what id want...which isnt the fact. Put my fist through the drywall, and here i am, 1:15am, hole in the wall i need to patch, a relationship that ill hopefully be able to forgive the wrongdoings in, an empty bed, and a bruised ego hoping noone reported me for the actions on the 6...ahhhhhhh wheres the gun!
sorry bout the vent....
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