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Dumbass GSXR Video...

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Sorry, ANOTHER video posting. But, of course. Its another dumbass on a gxxxr

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I thought evolution was suppose to keep people and things like that from happening.....
what a f*#ken moron, idiot, stupidass, retard, dumbass. etc etc etc.

+1 on the evolution statement
I don't think he is getting his deposit back.
lol.. I can't stop laughing at his face expression..

the face of "I'm a [email protected] badass!" lol...
I love how one comment blames it on "Americans". One of those foreigners who never left their shack in the boonies and think America has the monopoly on douchebaggery.
That guys a typical douche, but did you see what happened to this guy?

ya Alessi took a pretty good beating right there.....
his sandles seem to be protecting him very well...
damn!! i thought dude died right then and there!!
someone please make a motivational pic about the first dumbass.
1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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