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Just got the new Dynojet installed on my 04 R6....

now the only non-stock item I have is a Jardine Slip on. The guy who did the installation at Mike's Cycle Shop in Menasha WI (Jamie)...dynoed it as well...Below is a pic of the results....


Stock dyno (post break in) w/slip on was 97 mph rear hp. I was surprised it was so low...because I thought it was more like 104 stock....he mentioned that the best stock bike he has dynod (600cc) was the CBR 600rr...at 101 mph.... he said that 97 was completely respectable for a stock R6...

anyway...post dyno...it jumped to 104..... so I just got back from taking it for a spin and I must say WOW. not only is the throttle response better accross the rpm range but the low end torque is much better....

for example.....when I would get on my bike in 1st gear..the front wheel would lift up if i was going at about 9k rpm and guned it. now the front wheel pops up if i gun it at 5.5 rpm in 1st....WOW.

There is nOOO hesitation...granted there was not much of one before..but it is smoother. I only had it out for like 20 min...so will report more along with more pics...very soon.

oh...the guy dynod the bike...custom mapped and installed all for $400

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