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Ebay opinions?

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I picked up a Pirelli Diablo Corsa III rear tire off Ebay for $35.00 + shipping ($55.00). First tire I've ever bought. Can you guys give me you're opinion on weather or not I got a good deal? Is the tire legit for the summer?

Also I picked up this exhaust for my 2001 R6 ($150 + $35 shipping) Anyone know about it? I heard a sound clip online and it sounds pretty good. If anyone knows about this exhaust share your thoughts please. Thanks all.

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Vance & Hines make good pipes and it will sound great. As for the tires, not too sure. I guess as long as they have plenty of tread left they would be fine. Were they track tires?
track take offs...tires will be fine
not a bad price
I'm not sure what "take offs" are, but i'm pretty sure they were used on the track. Will the rubber marks on the side smooth out?
Take offs are fine for street use. The edges of the tire get like take because they get really hot on the edges and thats what happens.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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