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Electrical issues?!

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I have a 2004 r6. All the electrical is the same as it was when it came off the line. In the past few weeks my high beam, horn and now the tachometer are not working. The tach was the last to go. When it did go it just stopped working. I've got minimal experience with electrical but would like to try and figure this one on my own! What would be a good spot to start with this! Thanks!!!
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Did you check the fuses?
Check for corrosion on the harness connection near the gauge cluster.

On my old 2000 R6 that area had some corrosion on it from being exposed to the weather, washing the bike, etc. One night I was out riding with my uncle about 45 miles from home and I lost all of my lights. Had to go get the truck and truck my bike home then when I was able to look things over with some light I found it was just a shitty connection from that being exposed.
check your turn signals, and brake light switches (see if front bake and back brake both turn the brake light on), im tracing wiring diagrams trying to figure out the most likely location of the bad connection.
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