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hi, one month ago I bought an old r6 year 2001 not working. the old owner sad to me that may be the starting circuit cut off relay...
next days I removed the fairings and found a slightly bent chassis, the next surprise was the ac magneto ----> ac/cd regulator connector has burned..
as first test I connected a charged new battery and when i push the engine stop switch to off, the display seems to work, the neutral light is ok while the fuel indicator light flashes 8 times (I disconnected the fuel sensor, may be this), pushing the switch to on the display turn off and the starter motor does not go in no combination between main switch(key) and engine stop switch but bypassing all switches and relay and connecting the starter motor directly to a battery it goes all right.
so i decided to change the strating circuit cut off relay but nothing has changed.
now I`m worried about the cdi, because after few minutes of test the cdi temperature seems to be pretty high.
i`m in doubt, literally, I don`t know if the main problem could be a burned cdi caused by the ac/dc regulator, a ground wire, a damaged sensor...
waiting for your advice ✌


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