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Hey guys. I searched and didn't see anything.

My 2007 r6 has been getting some false neutrals and fell out of gear once at the track. If it does it again at my next track day im going to drop the motor and pull the bottom end. Replace any worn parts yada yada yada.

I took another r6 apart and dealing with the engine without some kind of lift was a pain in the ass. Engine is heavy as hell.

I know harbor freight has lifts that people use. Anybody got experience with pulling a motor and what's the best tools for the job!?

Want to do it right this time.

Here's one im looking at.


This is a stand to work on the engine which I need but getting the motor out and back in is a concern as well. I used tires last time. Bit of a pain. Was hoping for and easier way to drop it. The oil pan is awkward shaped. So it does not like flat surfaces.

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