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Recently my bike has been stalling while its running. It's happened three times on the street so far, the first time was about 3 weeks ago, the second was about a week ago, and the third was yesterday.

The first time it happened I was doing about 35 and slowly accelerating in 4th gear and the temp was mid 160s. The second time I was doing about 45 in 2nd (I just passed a semi.) and the temp was in the low 190s. The third time was a steady 40 in 5th with the temp around 177.

Each time the weather was typical north Florida (high 80s/ low 90s, clear, and humid.) and the bike was upright. To start it I put the bike back in neutral but had to flip the kill switch to get it to turn over, making me think that it is the culprit. Has anyone had this issue or know how to test it. I've been searching the forums but anyone with a similar issue stalls when starting or at a stop, not when running.
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