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Hi i have just got a set of these globes and was wondering if anyone else has installed them. I have heard stories of melted wiring harnesses and plastics. They run at 55watts at 12volts. That equates to 4.6 amps. This isn't a lot. The original globes in the manual quote 12v 60/55watt. Well they're going in anyway i'll post how the go in a few weeks after good run in. If your gonna purchase some. H7 is '03' H4 is the earlier R6's i think. They're not compatable.

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Euro Designz HID bulbs

I also got these bulbs on my 03 R6, had it for about 4 months now and 3,500 miles. I got the 5200K rating which is bright too. They do run hot but not enough to melt your headlight casing or any wiring. I already rode for 3 hours during the summer and no melting or any damage whatsoever.
And that is also using high beams. Yeah i use my high beams all the time and if you do, you just have to worry about your battery going dead.
hope that helps support your purchase.

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