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Exclusive Hjc Fs-10 Review(pic Included)

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Well guys im here to write a review about the HJC FS-10... just got it, went down with it on... so I know what really matters... what most reviews cant tell you because they dont expirience it... how well it PROTECTS when you ACTUALLY GO DOWN.

Each section will be given a rating 1 through 10, 1 being the worst, 10 being best.

Despite what people say... the noise levels are not bad... they are quiet bareable. I like the helmets' ability to allow me to hear things that are important what people dont seem to understand is if you ride deaf aka dumb... when a car honks the horn... you wont know it, and if its an emergency... god bless you. Do not take that as if im saying noise is good because it is annoying but if your that worried about it... Get some earplugs or an mp3 player.
Over all I would rate the noise control 8 out of 10.

In my opinion, HJC always had good graphical designs for their helmets, and nothing has changed in this model. I really do enjoy the look of the designs and they match my bike great. If you ask me, they have good Yamaha color use in their helmets.
Over all I would rate the graphics 9 out of 10.

The HJC FS-10 is a bit on the heavier side but you can not have good protection with out sacrificing this. A light helmet will tend to break and crack easier then a heavy one. It is unavoidable and i would accept the sacrifice because my safety would be first. The weight of the helmet you will get used to because it is not an obsurd amount on your head, but it is SLIGHTLY heavier then the average helmet.
Over all i would rate the weight 8 out of 10.

Ventilation & Heat:
This helmet comes with several ventilation features that I found to be good and useful. It had vents on the top front of the helmet that can be set to open and closed depending on the whether. Contrary to other reviews, they do work. I have felt the difference. There is also a set of vents in the chin area that too come with the open and close feature. On the back of the helmet are exhaust ports to release hot air being trapped inside the helmet that work magnificently. Please keep in my I tested this helmet in New Jersey and it is VERY humid here, so the exhaust vents really got put to the test.
This helmet comes with an anti-fog shield that actually DOES NOT fog when you breathe hot air on it(I was really impressed most helmets start fogging after a couple of minutes of being put to the test... The exhaust vents help with this as well. Inside the helmet are visible opening for all the vents and exhausts and are NOT being blocked off by excessive padding.
Over all I would rate the ventilation and heat control 9 out of 10.

This helmet comes equipped with removable padding as well as great fitment style. The round shapped dome is a great and comfortable design. After wearing it a couple of times... It begins to mold to the shape of your head and becomes an excellent fitted helmet. I felt really comfortable riding with it on and felt no resentment to putting it on again and again.
Over all I would rate the comfort 10 out of 10.

Misc. Accessories:
The helmet comes with sun shades included inside of the helmet which are really comfortable in many ways. Instead of changing your shield for night time riding, you have a retractable sun shade inside of the helmet. This came in great use when riding in the morning and at night. I found this feature to be very helpful. The helmet also comes with an attachable breath deflector to prevent your hot breath from hitting the shield which also helps protect against the fogging. This feature is also very helpful. Last but not least, the helmet also comes with a attachable sun visor. I believe this to be an extra comfort for riding in sunny conditions and could be used if you prefer not to use the sun shades.
Over all I would rate the accessories 10 out 10.

I lowsided my R6(sorry baby ill fix your bodywork soon) and slid a couple of feet. What stopped my sliding? MY HEAD. I hit my head against the CORNER of the curb after going down at around 25-30 mph. I expected the worst for my helmet. How did I feel? I cant tell you because I did not feel ANYTHING. I just heard a loud clunk on my helmet and that is it... The shock absorption was incredible and I did not feel a thing. Aside from that my helmet DID NOT get ruined but merely got a couple of scratches which really did impress me. This helmet saved me from having a hole in my head and I am thankful to HJC for that. SEE PICTURES BELOW MINIMAL DAMAGE!
Over all i would rate the protection 10 OUT OF 10.

I hope this inspired you to put your faith in HJC a little more then we have been doing, they are doing a great job.

Here are some pictures of my helmet as well as the features and vents of it... and also the mark from me hitting the curb with my HEAD.



The helmet

Top view of the helmet and top vents

Top vent ports close up

Bottom vent ports close up

Back view

Exhaust ports

Helmet with shield over and breath deflector installed

Helmet with shield over breath deflector and sun shades open

Inside view of the helmet and its ventilation openings

Another view of the inside dome

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