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Exhaust appearance question.

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If this is in the wrong section im sorry.I have the gytr shorty on my 03 r6.I laid the bike over a week and a half ago.It got pretty scraped up from the gravel,however there are no dents or anything on the front side of the can.I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas on how to help clean up the scratches.The can is more,maybe knicked up is a better way to say it,than having actual scratches.My brother suggested fine sandpaper and then just compound and buff it out to see what happens.I would like to try and stay away from that simply because youll see the sanding marks no matter what if i do that.Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.
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start with 180 if the scratches arent too deep. get them smooth and then just work your way up to the finer stuff. like 2k and 4k. youll end up polishing it out with just that paper.
Im not familiar with that can but is the tip riveted on or anything if so u could take them rivets out MAYBE turn the cap around the other way than rivet it back on. I know this will work for a stock pipe.
that the other thing i was going to suggest. but if its a wierd shape then it wont work out that well. just take an 1/8" drill bit drill them out and then put in new ones. or you could just paint it a flat black so its not so noticable if you decide not to take it apart and the scratches dont come all the way out
If i wanted to paint if flat black ..would the paint stick to it with just some sanding?...i mean granted i laid the bike over so its already scuffed up..:lmao
should stick. scuff it with 80. use a filler primer to take out the minor imperfections. spray in light coats not one big fat coat. let it flash and spray the second coat, let flash and spary 3rd coat. by flash i mean it will be shiny then turn dull. once its dull spray the second coat. once youve done that take 180 grit and sand it smooth. should come out feeling like silk once your done with the sanding. then just spray it with a good quality paint and you should be set
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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