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(If this has Been done as a write up on the forum Forgive me But I didn't know)

So I have been thinking about making my exhaust louder and all I could find to do so was to remove all the Glass packing or cutting/Shortening the can. Well I didn't wanna remove the packing for the reason of the tin can sound or the can changing color with the exhaust heat and I didn't wanna cut the can because I like the big can slip-on.

I came to this conclusion. Just modify the inside of the slip-on

All that's needed is 1/16th small sheet metal of steel or aluminum, aluminum tape, thread/string, rivets/gun, drill bit/drill, Razor knife.

1) Remove the slip-on from the bike
2) Drill out the rivets from both ends of the slip-on
3) remove both ends from the Slip-on(The baffle and glass packing will come out with the mid-pipe end.
4) Remove the glass packing as a whole piece and put aside it will be used later.
5) With the razor knife, Remove the wire wrap that's under the glass packing if you have that on the pipe. Don't remove too much. If you wanna remove say, 10'' then just remove 9'' of the wire wrap(Remove as much as you desire).Push back the extra 1'' of wire wrap out of the way.((1st Picture))
6) With the aluminum tape, Wrap the perforated baffle with 2 layer from the mid-pipe end to the 10'' area (or your desired removed wire wrap).(This will stop any vibration noise.((2nd Picture))
7)With the Sheet metal it has to be rolled.((3rd Picture)) You can either take it and have it rolled to the pipe diameter with an extra 1'' over lap or hand roll it at home.
8)This part is alittle tricky. The rolled sheet metal has to be installed onto the baffle. You can either open the rolled sheet and try to wrap the baffle or slide off the wire wrap then try and slide the wire wrap back on after you slid the rolled sheet on.((4th Picture))
9) With the drill bit, drill a hole on the opposite side of the over lapped rolled sheet and install a rivet to help hold in place so you can have the rolled sheet tight when you drill and install the rivets on the over lapped side.
10)Now drill the over lapped side while making the rolled sheet as tight as possible. Now rivet.
11) Pull the wire wrap back 1" over the rolled sheet.
12) Grab the glass wrap and lay it down and put the exhaust baffle pipe on the glass wrap and roll it on.
13) With the thread/string tie it around the glass wrap. Now wrap the whole wrap with the string.(this will help re-install into the can.((5th Picture))
14)install both ends to the can and re-rivet.
15) install back on the bike.
16) Go for a ride and enjoy the new sound and original slip-on size.((6th Picture))


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