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Exterior 90% done!

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The only thing I wanna do to the outside now is wheels and LEDs. And since wheels will cost an arm and a leg, I'll stick with what I have for now. and before ANYONE has a chance to say it, I have a blue LED center light on it's way! I'm hoping that after I get my T-Tuner midpipe and Two Bros Juice Box (both in transit) someone will nominate me for bike of the month. That'd be awesome! but here it is. (and a list of mods of course)

2007 Blue R6-R
- Two Brothers Slip-On (hoping to get a carbon fiber canister soon)
- T-Tuner midpipe (in transit)
- Two Brothers Juice Box (in transit)
- Vortex -1 Front Sprocket
- Xentec 10000k HIDs
- SuperIllumination Blue Center LED Tower (in transit)
- Puig Double Bubble
- Freestyle Ingenuity Crash Cage
- Clear Alternatives Integrated Tail Light
- Hotbodies Flush Mount Turns
- Fender Eliminator
- Motomummy Brake Reservoir Sock
- Michelin Pilot Powers

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Dude, your bike is sick. I think you did a good job of not going overboard in any one area but cleaning up the little things Yamaha slacked on, which is exactly what I'm goin for. Another fine example of the best color. I really like your cage too, it sticks out way less than I thought it would. I got a couple questions for ya though man. I was wondering if your tires are the single or duel compound ones, and how you like them. Also I wanted to know if thats your stock lower fairing color or if you painted it. I think it looks better than the flatter color on my 06.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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