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Factory Pro Billet Case Covers

these are the stator and oil pump crank case covers. i got these from factorypro.com. these are cnc machined from a solid block of aluminum. these only come in a natural machined aluminum, no colors. although you could get it polished or powder coated. it also incorporates a replacable derlin type slider(same material as most frame sliders), (also available from factorypro.com), on the cover itself. these products come with gaskets and new longer allen head bolts.

no instructions have been included with these products. it is a simple installation though. you will have to invest in a impact screw driver with torx bits. i forgot the size of the bit.

these case covers should with hold up better than your stock covers during a crash. i have not tested my set yet. but a friend of mine tested his during a 60 mph low side. the covers did there job and didnt break. only scratches on the cover and a worn down slider. the fairings on the other hand took some damage. he was able to pick the bike up and slowly ride it home.

good points - machined to exact fit. it included a new gasket. it has a replaceable slider. a friend of mine crash tested his.

bad points - the screws included in the kit to hold the wire for the crank sensor was 1/8" too long, i had to grind it down.

tips - use some loctite on all the screws, especially the screws that go inside the covers. get a impact screwdriver with some torx bits, you will need them to remove the screws inside the stock covers, they are tight. after you pull the original covers off clean the surface good either with a gasket scraper or razor blade. even though a gasket comes with the kit, i would invest in genuine yamaha gaskets. the yamaha gaskets are stiffer and easier to work with and it already has the silicone on the gasket for the area the upper and lower engine blocks meet. if you gonna do the ignition advancer, you might as well do it the same time.
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