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I recently installed a Beret 5000m alarm on my bike. It's similar to the Spy 5000m - probably just a branding thing.

Initially, I just wired the red and black to the battery, and the yellow wire to the turn signal light wires (dark green) near the tail section. It worked pretty well. I can cause it to flash using the remote, or if the bike moves.

But, sometimes after a half-hour ride, where the fan momentarily stays on after I turn off the engine, anytime I hit the flasher, lock, or unlock button on the remote, with every flash of the blinkers, it also momentarily turns the fan on and the backlight for the meter. It's only for a half-sec, but if it's the flasher button, then it's half-sec every other second for as long as the blinkers stay on.

It's not annoying. It's scary. I'm afraid it's going to cause early fan or tachometer failure.

#1 - Is this normal? Should I be worried?

#2 - Anybody have any idea how I can prevent this from happening? I've looked at the wiring diagrams. I've searched the forums. All to no avail.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Where did you wire the yellow wire for the signals in?

It sounds like the fan and dash backlight are also on that circuit. When you enable/disable the alarm, the unit flows electricity from your battery through the circuit the yellow wire is attached too. That's what makes the signals blink, but it will also power anything else on that circuit.

I've never wired one into my R6, but I put a similar alarm in my GS500. It did the same, and would light up my dash turn signal light.

EDIT: I just saw you used the green wires in the tail section. I'm trying to find a wiring diagram now.

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Sounds like something is hooked up wrong or rubbing. I'd check over everything you did again, and look at the wiring diagram to see where you actually tapped into the turn signals.

What year/model is your bike?
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