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Check out www.thecycleguys.com for the FastRack, a small luggage rack designed for sportbikes. See the July 2008 issue of Cycle World magazine for a product review of the FastRack.

The FastRack is a simple little rack that straps to your bike's stock rear seat with 2 supplied hook-and-loop straps. It attaches in about 1 minute. Simply pop off your bike's passenger seat, strap on the FastRack, and click your seat back into place. Now you've got a stable, flat surface 17 inches wide by almost 10 inches front to rear, with 18 bungee hook points around the perimeter. With FastRack in place you can carry a duffel bag, a helmet, tail bag, or other small luggage or container.

FastRack can also be used in conjunction with saddlebag style luggage. Drape the saddlebags over FastRack, and the rack will help keep the saddlebags away from your bike's bodywork.

FastRack is made in the USA and constructed of powder-coated aluminum.

Check out www.thecycleguys.com for details.

If you have any questions about the FastRack, please let me know.


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