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This is my baby. I have had it since i was 17 and all my money and time goes right into it.:nocontrol Now at the age of 20, I'm a full time college student and don't have much money but it goes towards anything new i can put on my bike. Hell i even got a picture of me doing a wheelie on it in my high school year book. :lmao.

Here is the most recent picture of it with the underglow on!!

Here is a picture before the rearsets and a bunch of other mods

Here is a couple of me riding

Year: 2005
Model (R6, R6S): R6
Engine Mods (i.e. exhaust, PC3, etc.):
Micron High mount
K&N air filter
K&N Oil filter
Dyno Jet Power Commander
EK Chain 520: red links
Vortex 520 black CAT5 51 tooth Rear Sprocket
Vortex 520 16 tooth Front Sprocket

Chassis/Controls Mods (i.e. suspension, brakes, clip-ons, etc.):
Dunlop Qualifier front & Rear tires
CRG Break & Clutch levers in black
Black Vortex Rearsets
Galifer Red Kevlar Front and Rear Brake lines
Galifer Pressure switch
Sho-gun No-Cut frame sliders
Sho-gun Rear Spools
Sho-gun Handlebar Sliders
Harris Grips with R6 printed in red
GPR v3 damper
Smoked Clear Alternative tail lights


Greggs Flushies
Smoked Clear Alternative tail lights
Silver Star h7 Bulbs
Custom Red Led Underglow
Custom wired Garage door opener
Chrome Red Sportek Windshield
Carbon Fiber Tank Pad
Competition Werks fender eliminator
Vortex mirror block offs
Vortex gas cap Black outer, Red inner
Carbon Fiber works Case cover/protector

Why i should win:There are a lot of amazing bikes out there much cleaner than mine, but as a full time college student with next to no money i think i have done really well with what i have. Motorcycles have been my life, after saving for years on end at the age of 12 i got my first bike. A brand new Suzuki 2002 RM85!!! (my parents loaned me half the money) God it was a blast i only ended up in the emergency room my 2nd year with a broken wrist and a completely flush to the face nose! I had to have reconstructive surgery on my nose! At that point i said im done with my rm85! so i sold it:( and then bought a 2003 RM125 the SAME DAY:nocontrol. With what i made on my rm85 i got the rm125 for only $700 dollars!!!! Then i got the mod bug! i put Graphics, Full pro circuit exhaust, fat bars, everything i could find to fit on it. I learned how to work on it and changed my piston ring, i replaced the fork seals multiple times etc. Then i was trying to save some money to get my street bike. I was originally going to get a Suzuki gsxr 600:lmao. My dad and I went to a cycle shop that said they bought bikes, i had no intention to buy a bike that day. i went in to just sell my dirtbike, but they had a used 05 r6 with 200 miles on it!! My gold i couldn't take my eyes off it. Apparently the story behind the bike was that the guy said it was to much for him and traded it in for a four wheeler! My dad was the one that said lets see what we can get it for!!!!! MY life was complete i had my motorcycle!!!! I mean my whole life revolves around this bike! And i have put blood, sweat and tears into this bike and for that i think i deserve to win!!!

Feel free to comment on it! Wish me luck! Ride Safe! And thanks for looking!
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