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February ROTM Voting

  • Skee907

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I am dedicating the future ROTM threads to Matt. Look after us. :cheers

Below are the contestants for this month's ROTM.

Skee's R6
Year: 2007
Model: Charcoal R6v
Engine Performance Mods: M4 midpipe, EXup delete, GYTR slip on, AGG smog block off plates, tuned by BAUCE Racing. DynoJet ECU Quickshifter.
Chassis/Controls Mods: Vortex 7* clip ons, Fuzed Race rails, 6k HID upgrade, Pirelli SuperCorsa/ Diablo Rosso II (track/daily).
Accessories: Street Skinns Custom seats, black with red accents(no pics yet, unfortunately), GPS speed and lap tracking/antitheft system.

20150524_115412-01 by Skee907, on Flickr

20150625_223508-02 by Skee907, on Flickr

Snapchat-4415713026871461906-01 by Skee907, on Flickr

FB_IMG_1439274589220 by Skee907, on Flickr

Picked this bike up last summer for a great deal. Had recently rebuilt my 2002 F4i for the 2nd time, and my wife had really started enjoying to ride motorcycles. Taught her to ride and put her through some MSF courses, then gave her that bike and picked up this bike for myself. Raced it stock up in Alaska where I was stationed with the Air Force. Had a blast and got hooked on this bike. Started the mods over the winter and can't wait to get it back out on the roads and tracks this spring and summer.

Edit. Working on getting pics up, the links didn't work.

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Figured I'd throw mine in the hat this month.

Year: 2009
Model: R6
Engine Performance Mods: K&N filter, Agg block-off plates, M4 mid-pipe, Two Brothers Silver Series CF slip-on, Bauce Racing ECU flash
Chassis/Controls Mods: Galfer SS lines (front and rear), EBC HH front pads
Accessories: Zero Gravity DB, DDM 5K HIDs, eBay adjustable levers, Hotbodies smoked flushmounts, Lockhart Phillips smoked integrated tail, TST Industries Elite-1 fender kit, 2012+ OEM rear sets, 2012+ OEM passenger pedals, 2012+ OEM kickstand

Flashback to 2008. Got my first bike, '08 Ninja 250, and am loving life. Happened to come across Yamaha's 2009 line in a motorcycle mag, and fell in love with the '09 Raven color combo. Decided that at some point in life, I would own this bike. Couldn't be any other color combo, had to be the black and gold. Finally pulled trigger in 2014. Drove down to Kerrville from DFW to get it on the one day off I had that week, 10 hours roundtrip but I was the happiest guy alive. To me, this bike is perfect. I love every aspect of it. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to do track days, but I wouldn't track this one. I would pick up a second bike for that. Anyways, here she is.

The day she came home

Various stages

Her current state
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