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Finally finished the repairs

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A few weeks ago, my R6 tasted asphalt for the first time. Broke the stock stator case (super thin I'd strongly advise to all to replace them, I replaced with an stock, but I'm still waiting for my woodcrafts in the post), crushed the stator and dented/scratched the generator rotor.

After a long time waiting for stuff from the states to here, finally showed up yesterday. Most of it was a breeze, but getting the stator-rotor out of the conical gearing axle type thing was a serious bit*h, I had to make a rotor puller for it, took most of today, but finished just in time for a sunset ride.

So, nuff said - bike is running again, as beautiful as ever, and my first ride in 31 days was glorious!!!

Yeah yeah - I know about the indicators - unfortunately, I was caught of guard - didn't actually expect the post to pull through yet, so I threw on the ones I had in the garage at the time ... does the job till Monday :yes

Before and after shots:

After shots - back to original colors

Dark marks on the tank are from my boots the day I went down --- went over :sing
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Great job.
nice work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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