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Finally got the hugger painted

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What do you think? I will probably redo it once I have some more time but here it is. It only took me 7 tries!

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Looks nice, post some new pictures once installed. :)
thats pretty sick, how did you do it?
looks good man...get some pics on the bike!
It was a pain in the ass. First I taped it off. I used Maskingtape and 1/4in vinyl pin-stripes. The Vinyl was great to make the curved edges. Once it was taped off I sanded the area with 800-grit sandpaper. Next, I cleaned it. Now it was ready to paint. I started with a Adhesive Prompter (thanks for the recomendation from some other members) Put about 3-4 coats on. Then painted a white undercoat. After completed I painted the red. Since the paint doesnt stick so well, I had to use a razor and cut the paint/ tape edge. Once it was fully cut I pealed off the tape slowly and carefully. Lastly I put white 1/8in pinstripe on the edge of the red for outline.

It is a lot harder than it looked. The paint peals off the hugger like a vinyl sticker if you dont cut it from the tape. The rear hugger was the hardest part to paint yet so far! I will try to get some more detailed instructions later.
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