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Finally Pulling the Trigger

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I've been here forever but I think it's time to finally pull the trigger on my first bike. I've been learning on my friend's CBR600rr so I think I'm mentally ready for my own.

I know this section doesn't get much attention but if anyone could help me with a few questions, it'd be great.

Right now I'm sitting on the fence between two bikes.

2006 50th Anniversary R6
4,800 miles
Graves slip-on exhaust
Gregg's flush mount front turn signals
frame sliders and spools
Puig double bubble windscreen
new Pilot Power rear tire
fender eliminator

2007 R6
2,500 miles
5 year warranty
fender eliminator
integrated taillights

The 50th comes with a lot more aftermarket parts, most of which I was planning on doing anyway, frame sliders, windscreen, etc. so it seems like a good deal. It barely has any miles on it and is about $800 cheaper.

My question is, am I missing out on something on the 2007 model or should I just save myself some cash/time/effort and go ahead with the 50th.
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i'd go with the 07 simply because of the 5 year warranty. i absolutely love the 50th scheme, but that nice warranty looks so much nicer. either way, you're gonna have a sweet ass bike
Though you can't go wrong with either, I would take the 50th anniv. one over the 07 because:
a) It has most of the mods you are looking for. And the cost time & money to get it & do it yourself.
b) Bike looks nice (50th anniv edn.)
c) It's cheaper with barely any miles on it.
d) Yamaha makes good bikes dude. Don't worry much about warranty.

Bottom line more bang for your buck. Ride it & if possible have it looked at it by a bike mechanic. Good Luck
Agreed, both are sweet bikes you will save plenty of time/money taking the 50th with the mods, plus i love the look of them! I'd go with the 50th but once again either bike is great, have fun, drive safe.
50th Anniversary > * But I say that because I own one.
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